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Educational Support

The Educational Support committee awards scholarships and grants to local school district teachers and support personnel. Awards are presented at School Board meetings.

Each year the Educational Support committee awards two grants to teachers for innovative programs in their schools. The committee meets with district superintendents and teachers to discuss which projects to fund. Funding is on a rotating basis among the four school districts in Venango County.

2020 Grants

Loretta Woodson Awards: April 20, 2020, Valley Grove School District

Education Grants to teachers: November 2020, Valley Grove School District

2019 Grants

Diana Fesenmyer will be awarding two $250 grants to teachers from the Cranberry Area School District at the October School Board Meeting.

Kerri Sutch will be using her grant for Science Measurement Equipment including micrometers, multi-scale rulers, a digital micrometer, and an adjustable pipette for all General Biology classes. These measurement tools are to prepare students for measurement skills to meet testing and area business requirements in measurement skills.

Andrea Barrett will be using her grant for 16 Yoga/Pilates mats to complete a class set for Physical Education grades 7-12. A new unit on Mindfulness will be developed to use every year once a complete set of mats are available.

Thanks to the Cranberry Area School District for their cooperation in this program.

2018 Grants

Teachers from Oil City Area School District submitted grant proposals that were reviewed by the Education Support Committee. The following proposals were awarded $150.00 grants

All students at the Oil City Middle School use the Tl-73 Texas Instrument calculator- That means about 470 students need a calculator that works! As they are used, some get broken or become worn out. This makes them “broken”. If I were granted $150 to purchase calculators, I would use these funds to purchase 5 “gently used” calculators from Amazon. These calculators would be used for students in grades 5-8 that are in learning support classes. I teach a pull out math class with students in grades 5 and 7, with a total of 7 students. I also have a homeroom with grades 6-8 and a total of 12 students. As of right now, we have 3 different styles of calculators, and unfortunately, with some that do not consistently work. Having 5 additional calculators would make it easier to teach such an important subject!

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Chris Salvo

The teachers at OCHS want students and parents to know that we notice the good and not just the bad. The School Climate Committee would like to roll out a school wide positive behavior rewards system. Students will earn tickets from teachers when they are seen doing something positive. Each teacher in the building will hand out 2 tickets every week. When students earn tickets, they will draw a number and their name will go on a Bingo board that will be located in the cafeteria. Once there is a “Bingo” all 10 students in that row/diagonal will earn a prize. in order to make this behavior rewards system work, the SCC will need prizes. Many of the prizes have been obtained internally (prom tickets, yearbooks, trading parking spots with an administrator, etc.). We surveyed the-students and they chose #oilerstogether as our school brand. The SCC committee would like to get t-shirts, hats, water bottles and so much more with this brand on it. We would also like to offer them gift cards ($5-$10) from Sheetz, iTunes, and movie tickets just to name a few possibilities.

Meghan Fulmer

The committee also presents the Loretta Woodson Award to two members of the school district support staff. The awards are presented on a rotating basis among the four districts in Venango County.

Lauretta Woodson Award

Educational Support Chair:
Diana Fesenmyer