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Social Service
Memorial Honor Fund (SSMHF)

The SSMHF Committee's purpose at state level is to promote growth and the proper utilization of monies in the Memorial Honor Fund to assist members who are in need of moral support/financial aid and to encourage the work of local chapters in activities related to services for unfortunate members, who due to illness, or old age, are confined to their homes, hospitals or nursing homes. These activities are conducted locally by the SSMHF Commitee.

Locally services are provided in the form of phone calls, personal visits, and greeting cards (6 or more times) throughout the year. The local committee also services every 90 year old and older member. On occasion, flowers may be sent to encourage members to feel better about themselves and their situation. In May and December, gifts are sent to confined members so they are not feeling abandoned, and will know that PASR and the local chapter cares about them. Gifts include forever stamps, blankets, socks, hats, pens, and other personal items. Financial aid for state dues is available by local SSMHF chairs filling out a grant request for dues.

The local SSMHF Committee keeps track of deceased members to report quarterly to the PASR headquarters and their local officers. Once a year they must submit an annual necrology list to their regional SSMHF chair. The SSMHF Chair must also submit reports to the local treasurer documenting all funds spent on confined members. Once a year the SSMHF chair must submit the report to their regional chair by August 15, who ,in turn, submits them to the state chair for accumulation/reporting. The local treasurer must report annually to PASR all funds spent on confined members by the SSMHF committee.

The local SSMHF Committee must conduct a Memorial Honor Service at least once a year for all deceased members of their local. The Venango PASR honors our deceased members at the Summer-Fall meeting.

Each year committee members provide:

The Local Social Service Committee uses local funds to service non-confined members in a varity of ways.


If you know or hear of a Venango County PASR member who is hospitalized or has a serious illness, please notify one of the committee members immediately.

Anyone who wishes to make an individual gift to SSMHF in memory or honor of a member may do so by contacting Diana (676-6442) or using the SSMHF Form.

During PASR conventions, the basket auction raises money for the Memorial Honor Fund. Each county is asked to donate a basket with a value of at least $50. The district hosting the convention often ask their locals to donate more baskets if financially able. These baskets bring over $4000 for the Memorial Honor Fund each convention. This year our local is asked to donate at least one basket for the PASR State Convention.

Retirement gives us time to relax and think. We have influenced many lives over our working career. It is also important that we continue to influence lives during our retirement. We must never stop giving, thanking, and sharing with others in our golden years! Please support the PASR Venango SSMHF committee at our local meetings.

Please consider making a contribution today to the Social Service Memorial Honor Fund in memory or in honor of someone you care about!

Click the SSMHF Form to print a copy and make a donation.

SSMHF Committee

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Cranberry Area School District

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Franklin Area School District

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