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What is a RECREO?

Young or old, people like to travel. While the individual interests may vary, the desire to travel and socialize with one’s peers is strong within most of us. Those nearing retirement have reported a familiar theme, “I’m looking forward to traveling in retirement.”

Realizing the importance and benefit of helping to fill this desire, PASR created the RECREO program in 1964. The word "recreo" means recess in Spanish. Started as a statewide travel program that focused on educational experiences, the RECREO program has now grown to have a local presence in nearly every chapter of the Association.


"Queen Ester", @ Sights and Sounds Theater, Lancaster, PA, June 16 - 17, 2020

July: SeaWolves Game and Casino Trip, Erie PA

Niagara Falls and the Casino


Ask individuals who have taken a state RECREO trip to describe their experience, and they will undoubtedly talk about the people with whom they traveled. “We met a great couple from the Centennial School District.” “I had fun swapping classroom stories with this retired kindergarten teacher from Pittsburgh.” The camaraderie that is developed and exists on PASR RECREO trips is like no other experience and cannot be found anywhere else!

The RECREO Committee is trying to come up with some new options. We are asking members to complete a survey to gauge interest.

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