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Social research studies tell us that the current batch of retirees don't want to join groups or attend meetings. They want to do fun stuff. I am not new to retirement but agree with newer retirees. I don't like to join groups but I do like to get together with friend both new and old. I also hate meetings that are boring and just a waste of time. What our new friends in the retirement community may not know yet is there is a lot of fun in volunteering. I personally belong to a friends group at Oil Creek State Park. It give me the opportunity to gather with like minded people and to do things that are useful to the park and the community in which I live. And the best part is I have fun doing it. One of the "groups" I "work" with looks for abandoned oil and gas wells. Now is that strange or what. That volunteer project allows me to enjoy being out in the woods of Venango county and enjoy conversations, stories and lives of the people in the "group". It is not hard work and it provide a sense of accomplishment knowing that the wells we find will eventually be properly plugged and reduce the opportunity for ground water contamination. I am not suggesting that everyone join us today. I am sure there are those that are not physically able or inclined to be walking in the woods. But I am sure there is a volunteer project that you can become involved with that will give you both joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Volunteering comes in many forms. I hope you take the opportunity to join your fellow retirees in the many volunteer projects available in the community.

Venango PASR is in constant need of volunteers. See our Goals page to find out about the many things we do. Most only take a small amount of time and effort.